Determining Fairness in Bingo

At some point, every gambler experiences a losing streak that prompts them to believe that whatever game they're playing is rigged, and bingo is no exception. Whether it's online or in a traditional casino, there is always someone who can't seem to win a game and is convinced that the game itself isn't fair. What follows are some assurances as to why traditional and online bingo are, in fact, fair games.

Weighted Balls

In a traditional bingo hall, the caller who turns the bingo wheel will announce the number of the ball that randomly pops up in the chamber. Neither the caller nor any other player will be able to guess which ball will pop up because all of the bingo balls are weighted equally. This means that no particular number has a better chance of showing up than another--it's entirely random.

Online Algorithms

The numbers that turn up bingo are also entirely based on chance. Instead of using equally weighted balls to make the selection random, online bingo software uses an algorithm to make sure that the number selection in every round is entirely random. The algorithm itself is actually called the "Random Number Generator," and cannot be dissected or figured out to get a leg up on the game.

Online bingo software and websites should advertise their fairness policy clearly. The software must go through specific and rigorous tests before it is made available to the public, so players can rest assured that there are no bugs or glitches that would make the game unfair.


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